10 Ways To Hide Your Tummy (Without Wearing Tummy Tuckers!)


After getting dressed, as you pose and preen in front of the mirror, you realise that your tummy is protruding. The next thing you do is to change the dress or wear a tummy tucker. But we all know how uncomfortable tummy tuckers can be. So how about buying clothes that hide your tummy? Here are 10 ways you can do so without a tummy tucker.

Don’t Wear Tight Garments: It is always best to highlight your assets. If your tummy sticks out, don’t wear tight tops or garments that are fitted from the waist. Go for leggings that accentuate the legs and not the area around the tummy.

Layering = Miracles: Whether you have heavy hips or tummy, layering effectively hides the problem area. Blazers, kimonos and jackets are a few options. The longer your cardigan, the longer and leaner you will appear. Avoid crop shrugs and jackets.
Wear Dark Colours: Go for darker hues like black, brown, greys and blues. Brighter colours attract attention.
Don’t Emphasize Your Belly: Avoid wearing waist belts or anything that enhances the area around your tummy. It will make your belly look bigger than usual.
Wear Peplums: To conceal your stomach, peplum tops or peplum high-waist skirts are options worth trying. They are very much in trend and can be accessorized well. Don’t try both together though.
Try High-Waist Outfits: Low-rise pants can lead to bulging around your waist, which looks unflattering. Stick to mid-rise or high-waist pants and jeans that will help suck in your stomach.
Asymmetric Tops: The best way to disguise your tummy is to go for asymmetric tops or kurtas. Long asymmetric kurtis paired with pencil pants look great. They basically create vertical lines, which in turns hides your protruding tummy.
Don’t Tuck In Shirts: Every time you wear a shirt to work, you end up tucking it in your pants or trousers. Stop doing so. The shirt then seems fitted at the waist and the bulge shows clearly. Just stop!
Stick To Fabrics That Don’t Cling: Some fabrics cling to your body and enhance parts that you want to hide. Avoid fabrics like spandex, satin and nylon. Prefer flowy garments and fabrics like cotton, khadi, georgettes and raw silk.
Prefer Tops and Kurtis With Ruching On The Belly: A-line salwar kameezes and anarkali suits are ideal to hide your belly. Go for kurtis that are pleated or have gathers around the bust. Wrap dresses or maxi dresses are also a great option.
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How to ‘Edit’ your Wardrobe

TosstakeToday morning when I opened my wardrobe, which was bursting at the seams, it took me more than an hour to scour through the hundred pieces and pick the one white shirt I was looking for. In addition, I also found my favourite blue jeans from high school (which wouldn’t climb up beyond the thighs), a pair a baby pink corduroy pants and a ripped kaftan gifted to me by my best friend. That’s when I realized that my closet is actually an emotional bank. I have loaded it not with stuff I can’t live without but with all the things I can’t part with.
Why can’t I let go of things that I will never wear anymore? Why not be a ‘wardrobe editor’ and omit the fluff? So that is what I did: I gave away all that I am not going to wear and stuck with the staple pieces. Here are few steps to edit your wardrobe and make life simpler for yourself.
Carrie-Bradshaw-closet1Rule 1: Be ruthless. Don’t keep anything because of sentimental reasons. And trust me, a whole bunch of clothes will fit into this category. Do not keep items just because you paid a lot for them or because someone special gifted them to you. Pass them down to someone who will wear them and appreciate them. If you haven’t worn an item in years, chances are, you will never wear it ever again.Go on, chuck it out. I promise you, you won’t miss them.
Rule 2: Don’t keep garments of the wrong size. You’re a victim of wishful thinking if you believe you MAY fit into them some day. If you are a size 8, just keep garments that are the same size. Let’s face it: How many of us really manage to slim down a couple of sizes and then stay that way? You’ll be happier if you just accept your shape and size.
Rule 3: Alright, so that polka-dotted little dress has sweet memories of a sweet day out when you were in college. But, really, are you likely to ever wear it again now that you’re a working girl? Get away with colours that don’t suit you and do away without dated prints or styles. No sweet memory is worth that extra garbage in your wardrobe.
Rule 4: Keep the basics. White shirts, blue jeans and a good watch are all you need plus some quirky accessories. Make sure they are there in the closet. Do away with double-ups. If you have three black tees, try them all; keep the one that fits you best, and not just the newest. Focus on quality and not quantity.
Rule 5: Think of a number and reduce your wardrobe to that amount. So if the number is 30, make sure to stick to it and throw away the rest. This means every time you buy something new, you also give away something old at the same time. This is the best way to edit your wardrobe. We know it is not easy – you’re not only throwing away your clothes but also tiny pieces of your heart and memories. But just like life, you’ll feel better and lighter when you just do it and move on. All the best!
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5 Movie Wedding Lehengas You Will Want


Gigantic lawns accentuated with garlands, music in the background and stylish guests moving around… This is a typical scene from a big fat Bollywood wedding. You see the actor aka the bride entering – dancing to the tunes of music – donned in an embellished designer lehenga looking quintessentially beautiful, making you go all gaga over her. The next thing on your mind is “I want that lehenga for my wedding!” We list five such wedding lehengas from the movies that caught our attention and made it to our wishlist.
Rani Mukherjee in multiple movies: This Bengali beauty has married in many movies and had us awstruck over her outfits. From the Malini Ramani lehenga she wore in ‘Hum Tum’ and the rich embroidered one in ‘Babul’ to the blood red Manish Malhotra beauty in ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’, we love them all.


Alia in ‘2 States’ and ‘Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya’: Alia Bhatt was seen clad in a Kanjeevaram lehenga loaded with gold like a typical South Indian bride in ‘2 States’. She tied her hair in a braid and wore red lipstick. Recently, in ‘Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya’ Alia was seen going gaga over a Manish Malhotra lehenga for which she travels to Delhi. In the end she ends up wearing a deep pink Manish Malhotra inspired creation. Which could have been a real Manish Malhotra lehenga for all we know.


Nargis Fakhri in ‘Rockstar’: The Kashmiri girl, who is getting married in her hometown, wants to elope from her wedding but sadly, stays and ties the knot. Nevertheless, she looks stunning in a Zari lehenga in orange, green and red along with a paasa. This typical Kashmiri attire took our breath away!
Lisa Haydon in ‘Aisha’: Amongst all the heavy embellishments and lehengas, Lisa Haydon kept it simple in ‘Aisha’ by wearing a simple white and red sari similar to the bridesmaids and guests at the wedding. Simple and elegant!

Preity Zinta in ‘Veer Zara’: A Muslim girl from Pakistan who falls in love with a Hindu boy from India and later forced to marry a boy chosen by her family wore. While we were sad about the forced marriage, we were not sad about Zara’s heavily embellished white and purple lehenga.  And the dupatta stole our heart, too!

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5 Smart Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Lehenga

coverYou spend months hunting through different stores all around the city just to find a perfect wedding outfit for your big day. The effort makes you look queenly just for a few hours and then the lehenga is properly wrapped up and stored in your treasure chest. It never sees the light of day again. Well, it is time you take it out and reuse it. And if you are wondering that somebody would notice you repeating your wedding outfit, then don’t worry, you are just recycling it secretly!
Mix it up: There is a box full of options when it comes to dupattas. You can carry it in different styles and with different clothes. You can easily pair up your wedding lehenga’s dupatta with a suit – be it a straight fit suit, an anarkali or a Patiala salwar kameez, you can accentuate them with a heavy contrasting dupatta. If your wedding dupatta is in net (which it is likely to be) don’t be hesitant about pairing it with a raw-silk suit or a velvet anarkali. However, if you have a georgette dupatta, you can pair it with a crepe or a cotton salwar kameez as well. Remember: A balanced mix and match is the best way to go!

3Blouse: Play with the blouse now! If the sleeves of the blouse are short, you can get them extended or wear the same blouse with a sari. Contrast is in vogue; so if you have an embellished crepe blouse, pair it up with a simple crepe sari. A velvet blouse looks great with a velvet sari as well as a net sari. No one will ever know that you are recycling your wedding blouse.
You can get a simple lehenga made as well. If it’s your best friend’s wedding and you want to wear a lehenga, you can easily save money by using the blouse and the dupatta of your wedding dress. A simple border lehenga or a one made out of shimmer fabric can work well.
Drape it differently: Be creative and change the whole look. Fashion is all about experimenting and trying new things. So wear the same lehenga but drape it in a different style. You can go for a sari style, U-style, tying it at the wrist, or a Gujarati pallu style. You can also take another contrasting dupatta and wear your lehenga with that.
Be experimental: Your lehenga most likely would be quite heavy. We spend months to get the perfect colour, embellishments and designs, so why waste it? Just team it up with a bandeau or a corset. A plain, not-too-heavy corset works really well with an embellished lehenga. You can also try a sheer jacket along with the lehenga. The bridal runway this year has been crowded with jacket lehenga options; so rather than buying one, you can revamp your own. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Play with the fabrics more than the embellishments. Sheer, velvet and brocade are a few fabrics to go for depending on your lehenga.
Tailoring: If you have a good tailor, make use of him. Get an anarkali made out of your lehenga or blouse. You can add a simple fabric for the bodice and stitch it together to get a toned-down and more wearable suit.
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